We have times throughout the week dedicated to pick up soccer.  Play soccer, meet people, test your skills, learn something new.  All for just $7 per session. 

Pick up time may change so stay informed, add feedback, and connect with other players via our new Facebook group dedicated to our pick up sessions. 

Pick Up Schedule


Below is our current pick up schedule:

  • Tuesdays 11am-1pm 
  • Thursdays 11am-1pm
  • Fridays Over 30 6-8pm
  • Saturday 2-4pm


Cost is just $7 to play.

Build Your Legacy
It pays to play!  Our Pickup Legacy Rewards Program is FREE to join.  Earn rewards, discounts, money and add your name to our wall of fame.  Each time you play pickup you earn a cap towards your LEGACY!


Legacy Levels

  • Century Club (100) = $10 at the bar
  • Professional (250) = $25 at the bar
  • Veteran (500) = $50 gift certificate, Veteran Pick Up tshirt
  • Legend (1000) = $100 gift certificate, Legend Pick Up tshirt,  we name a field after you for an entire session (2 months)